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PIC Links

DonTronics Home Page The World's Largest Range of Atmel/AVR & PICmicro Hardware and Software.
Modtronix Home Page Modular PIC hardware and solutions.
EE compendium Home Page The EE Compendium is a resource for the working electronics engineer, with book and tool recommendations, microcontroller information, electronic projects, free source code, industry links, and much more.
ELECTRONIC STUDIO.COM We design and produce printed circuit boards (PCB) and projects based on PICŪ microcontrollers. We offer modules ready for the professional, hobbyist and the student.
Microchip Corporation Manufacturer of PIC microcontrollers. This site is an excellent source of datasheets, application notes, and code examples.
The Piclist Excellent PIC resource.
Jeff Frohwein's Software/Hardware Dev'rs website. Many links to online PIC resources (click on the PIC/Ubicom link).
Square One Publishing Publisher of PIC assembly language programming books.
Eric's PIC Page Lots of PIC related stuff here.

Electronic Links

Electronic Tutorials and Robotics Guide ElectronicsTeacher.com - Electronic Tutorials, Electronic Project Kits, Robotics Guide for Students, Amateur and Professionals. Computer Architecture and Digital Circuits.
HobbyProjects.com HobbyProjects.com, a resource for Hobbyist, Engineers, Students, R&D Persons and Consultants. Electronic projects, circuits, electronic tutorials, microcontroller based projects, diagrams, moving displays, transmitters, receivers, robotic arm, engineering projects, science projects, and a wide range of electronic materials and solutions are available here
ScienceLobby.com, a useful collection of electronic circuits, schematics, tutorials, projects, computer interfaces, diagrams, and science fair projects. Find quick solutions for electronic design problems for beginners, hobbyists, engineers, inventors and consultants.
LAZAR's POWER ELECTRONICS CORNER - Switching power supply design resources on the web: SMPS circuit, magnetics, & PCB basics, electrical engineering reference, software, & news (make sure to check out their PCB Design page).
Electronics USA Home Page ElectronicsUSA.com - Electronic Kits, Digital Clocks, Digital Timers, Countdown Clocks, LED Art Clocks, Ham Radio Products and Cool Gadgets.
ElectronicKits.com Hundreds of Electronic Kits and Projects at ElectronicKits.com
ePanorama.net Links page with many electronic, programming and PC links.
Winspice A Windows based Spice 3fG electronic circuit simulation program available for download.

TSAN Electronics Find Electronic parts including semiconductors, capacitors, integrated circuits, laptop batteries and computer logic boards from Tsan.
Future Electronics Electronic component distributor.
Newark InOne Electronic component distributor.
Allied Electronics Electronic component distributor.
Digi-Key Corp. Online Electronics catalog.
Mouser Electronics Online Electronics catalog.
Jameco Electronics Online Electronics catalog.
Radio Shack Radio Shack's website.

Programming & PIC C Compiler Links

Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go! The most complete online source to download free programming files, source code, tools and more for a whole range of languages and technologies, including VB, C/C++/C#, .NET and Java. We have over 20,000 resources for you to explore!
Forrest Electronic Developments Publisher of innovative, full featured, and economical PIC programming tools (program demos are available for download from their website).
Custom Computer Services, Inc. Publisher of a PIC C compiler for Windows and Linux.
HI-TECH Software Publisher of C compilers for PIC and 8051 microcontrollers (free eval. versions available for download from their website).
B Knudsen Data Publisher of CC5X C compiler for PIC12/14/16 devices & CC8E C compiler for PIC18 devices.


United States Patent Office Search U.S. patents online.
www.freepatentsonline.com Provides fast, easy to use access to millions of patents.
www.pat2pdf.org A free patent search tool; patents download in PDF format.

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