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Ordering Instructions

        We can now accept your Mastercard or Visa credit cards as payment for your order. Customers wishing to pay via credit card should fax a completed Orderform (65kb) to our office at (208) 637-8094. For your own protection please never send us a credit card number by email.

        Customers inside the United States can order our products online directly from each of our product description pages. Look for the Add to Cart buttons to add each product to your online shopping cart. When you are finished making your selections, press the View Cart button at the upper right of each product page (and immediately below) to make final changes and proceed to checkout.
        Note: to purchase our products online, your browser needs to be configured to allow popup windows and accept cookies.

Official PayPal Seal         Final checkout is performed by PayPal. You can pay for you order with your existing PayPal account, but an account is not required as you can pay for your order directly with your credit card.

        To establish your own PayPal account, visit www.PayPal.com and follow the instructions on their site.

PayPal payment options


        Note: if you are ordering outside of the United States, additional shipping charges may apply. Contact us at: sales@dhmicro.com for further instructions.

        If you must pay by check or money order (i.e. an order from a business, educational institution, or an international order), then fill out our Orderform (65kb) and return it to us with your payment by mail at the address below. Checks and money orders should be drawn in US Dollars, on a US Bank, and made payable to DH MicroSystems, Inc. (please do not send cash). Please keep in mind that we will hold shipment of any order until a personal or business check clears the bank.

        Product pricing information and shipping charges can be found on our current Pricelist (36kb). Information on all of our products (specifications, features, etc...) can be found on our Products page.

        Note: your order might be eligible for a 10% educational discount. See the Pricelist (36kb) for instructions and information about this discount, or contact us at: sales@dhmicro.com for further information.

        Note: if you plan to mail or fax your order form to us, please fill it out by printing neatly so as to avoid any delay or errors in fulfilling your order. Also fill out the form as completely as possible.

Mailing Address/Contact Info.

        Mail your completed order forms and checks or money orders to:

DH MicroSystems, Inc.
attn: Internet Sales
P.O. Box 2272
Pocatello, Idaho 83206-2272

        You can fax your completed order form to the following number:

(208) 637-8094

        To submit your order via email (see instructions on order form) or if you have additional sales related questions, feel free to email us at:


        To set up a PayPal account for online payment of your faxed or emailed order, click on the PayPal icon below:


PayPal payment options

        PayPal is a recognized authority in online payment transactions. For your security, your credit card number and/or banking information is processed directly thru PayPal and is never transmitted to DH MicroSystems, Inc. or any other party.

If you are not already a member of PayPal, it's easy & free. Sign up today.

Again, our PayPal account is: sales@dhmicro.com