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Pricelist & Orderform

Pricelist.pdf (36kb) Current pricelist for all of our products.
Orderform.pdf (65kb) Orderform for ordering any of our products.

Breadboard18 Development Board Documentation

Breadboard18_Man.pdf (449kb) Manual for Breadboard18 Development Board.

RapidNNi Series Proto PCB Documentation

Rapid18i_Man.pdf (244kb) Manual for Rapid18i prototyping PCB.
Rapid28i_Man.pdf (269kb) Manual for Rapid28i prototyping PCB.
Rapid40i_Man.pdf (287kb) Manual for Rapid40i prototyping PCB.

RapidNN Series Proto PCB Documentation

Rapid08_Man.pdf (281kb) Manual for Rapid08 prototyping PCB.
Rapid14_Man.pdf (304kb) Manual for Rapid14 prototyping PCB.

RapidNNiXL Series Proto PCB Documentation

Rapid18iXL_Man.pdf (307kb) Manual for Rapid18iXL prototyping PCB.
Rapid28iXL_Man.pdf (269kb) Manual for Rapid28iXL prototyping PCB.
Rapid40iXL_Man.pdf (287kb) Manual for Rapid40iXL prototyping PCB.

DHMicro Firmware Packages

        The following ZIP files each contain an INC file which can be linked to your application ASM file. These ZIP files also contain a PDF file which is the manual for the INC file. The PDF file explains usage of the file, instructions for integrating it into your code, and hardware design issues (if any) for it. There may also be a sample ASM program file demonstrating proper usage of the INC file.

FW01_Nap.zip (48kb) Routine for sleeping the PIC for an extended period of time.
FW02_Bin2BCD.zip (10kb) Routine for 8 bit binary to BCD conversion.
FW03_BCD2ASC.zip (10kb) Routine for BCD to ASCII conversion.
FW04_Wait.zip (10kb) Routine for generating 1-255mS delays.
FW05_LCD.zip (39kb) Routines for interfacing with LCD displays.
FW06_Cust_LCD.zip (37kb) Routine for defining custom 5x7 pixel LCD characters (requires LCD_16.INC found in FW05_LCD.zip above).

DHMicro Application Notes

AN01_Power.pdf (302kb) Discussion of power supply options for our prototyping boards.
AN02_232_SQ1_R18XL.pdf (85kb) Discussion of Rapid18XL RS232 interface setup for RS232 experiments discussed in Serial Communications published by Square 1 Electronics (website: www.sq-1.com).

Selected Datasheets

        We have only listed a small number of common component datasheets here (most of which should be available at your local Radio Shack store).

        For a more comprehensive list of electronic manufacturers and links to their datasheets visit the Databookshelf which is a list of direct links to manufacturer product literature pages maintained by the University of Illinois.

For Microchip datasheets for all PIC microcontrollers visit: Microchip.com

Dmcman_full.pdf (202kb) Optrex character LCD module datasheet/users manual.

PN2222A.pdf (114kb) Datasheet for PN2222A NPN transistor.
PN2907A.pdf (59kb) Datasheet for PN2907A PNP transistor.
TIP31.pdf (38kb) Datasheet for TIP31 NPN transistor.
TIP32.pdf (38kb) Datasheet for TIP32 PNP transistor.
irf510.pdf (176kb) Datasheet for IRF510 N-channel power MOSFET.
irf9510.pdf (172kb) Datasheet for IRF9510 P-channel power MOSFET.

LM124.pdf (425kb) Datasheet for LM124, 224, & 324 OP-AMP.
LM158.pdf (525kb) Datasheet for LM158, 258, & 358 OP-AMP.
LM741.pdf (117kb) Datasheet for LM741 OP-AMP.
LM1458.pdf (125kb) Datasheet for LM1458 OP-AMP.
LM139.pdf (379kb) Datasheet for LM139, 239, & 339 quad comparator.

LM78LXX.pdf (199kb) Datasheet for LM78LXX pos. voltage regulator (100mA).
LM78XX.pdf (148kb) Datasheet for LM78XX pos. voltage regulator (1A).
LM317L.pdf (431kb) Datasheet for LM317L pos. adj. voltage regulator (100mA).
LM117.pdf (730kb) Datasheet for LM117, 317A, & 317 pos. adj. voltage regulator (1.5A).
LM2936-5.0.pdf (417kb) Datasheet for LM2936 low quiescent current 5V regulator (50mA).
LM2931.pdf (360kb) Datasheet for LM2931 automotive pos. voltage regulator (100mA).
LM2940.pdf (410kb) Datasheet for LM2940 automotive pos. voltage regulator (1A).

SP232_312A.pdf (127kb) Datasheet for Sipex 232 driver.
6420.pdf (446kb) Datasheet for SGS Thomson 232C driver.

PC Freeware/Shareware

Colcoder.zip (126kb) Shareware resistor color stripe decoder.
555.zip (231kb) Graphical 555 timer component calculator.

Required Utilities

        To view or print any of the PDF files on this site Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. To download the latest version of Acrobat Reader (freeware) from Adobe click on the icon below:


        To extract any of the ZIP files on this site WinZip (or similar program) is required. To download the latest version (shareware) of WinZip click on the icon below: