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Breadboard18-PIC Development Board with Solderless Breadboard

(Scroll down for image of complete development board)

Related Literature:

Breadboard18_Man.pdf (449kb) Manual for Breadboard18 PIC Development Board.
FW05_LCD.zip (39kb) Routines for interfacing with LCD displays.
FW06_Cust_LCD.zip (37kb) Routine for defining custom 5x7 pixel LCD characters (requires LCD_16.INC found in FW05_LCD.zip above).

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Part Numbers and Pricing:

$110.00 BB18, Fully assembeled and tested Breadboard18 development board (see image below).

General Features:
  • Overall board dimensions 5.50" x 4.50".
  • Constructed on a 2-layer PCB with solder masks and a informative silk screen legends.
  • 18 pin ZIF socket for the PIC
  • 350 pin solderless breadboard prototyping area.
  • Power and GND pins run the length of the breadboard on both the top and bottom.
  • All 16 microcontroller port pins brought out to an 18 pin inline socket at the top of the breadboard.
  • ICSP header.
  • 4 rubber feet.
  • Compatible with all MicroChip PIC 18 pin DIP packaged microprocessors.
  • PIC16C54C, 56A, R56A, 58B, R58B, 443, 554, 558, 620A, R620A, 621A, 622A, 717,
  • PIC16HV540,
  • PIC16F54, 627A, 628A, 648A, 716, 818, 819, 84A, 87, 88,
  • PIC18F1220, 1320 (and others).
Oscillator Options:
  • Crystal or ceramic resonator with external capacitors (DC-20MHz).
  • Ceramic resonator with internal capacitors (DC-20MHz).
  • RC oscillator (both internal and external).
  • TTL oscillator (DIP-8 packaged).
  • All oscillator components are socketed for easy removal, and are configured via jumper block JU2
Power Supply Options:
  • T0-220 7805 installed with heatsink.
  • Power switch and power-on LED.
  • DC power receptacle.
User I/O Options:
  • 4 push buttons.
  • 4 LEDs.
  • Piezo buzzer.
  • RS232 driver chip and DB9F connector for serial communications.
  • LCD socket with contrast adjustment pot.
  • All I/O signals available on a 14 pin header.

Breadboard18 PIC development board with solderless breadboard and RS232 interface