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Rapid40iXL PIC Prototyping PCB

(Scroll down for image of bare PCB)

Related Literature:

Rapid40iXL_Man.pdf (341kb) Manual for Rapid40iXL PIC prototyping PCB.
AN01_Power.pdf (302kb) Discussion of power supply options for our prototyping boards.
AN02_232_SQ1_R18XL.pdf (85kb) Discussion of Rapid18XL (also applies to Rapid40iXL) RS232 interface setup for RS232 experiments discussed in Serial Communications published by Square 1 Electronics (website: www.sq-1.com).
ICSP_30277d.pdf (4658kb) Microchip ICSP programming application note.

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Part Numbers and Pricing:

$15.00 R40iXL, bare PCB only (see image below).
$20.00 R40iXL-KIT, PCB plus basic parts kit (includes: 40 pin socket, 4MHz resonator, DC power receptacle, ICSP header, 2 pin header with shorting jumper, 47uF cap, 0.1uF caps x 5, 470 and 10k Ohm res, Green LED, 1N4148 diode, & 78L05).
$26.25 R40iXL-IO, PCB, basic parts kit, and I/O parts kit (includes: 2 push buttons, 2N2222 transistor, 2 LEDs, 1 piezo buzzer, 470 Ohm res x 2, & 10k Ohm res x 3).
$31.25 R40iXL-232, PCB, basic parts kit, basic I/O parts kit, and 232 interface parts kit (includes: 16 pin socket, 232 driver chip, 47uF cap, 0.1uF caps x 5, 5 x 2 header, jumpers x 4, and a DB9F connector).
$31.25 R40iXL-BUILT, Fully assembled and tested PCB (includes parts from basic, I/O, and 232 kits).

General Features:
  • Overall board dimensions 4.00" x 4.00".
  • PCB is a 2-layer board with solder masks on both sides and a silk screen graphic.
  • 36 x 14 pin prototyping area (504 pins total).
  • Power and GND bus lines run the length of the prototyping area on both sides (not included in proto area total pin count).
  • All 33 microcontroller port pins and ~MCLR pin brought out to a clearly labeled strip along the top of the prototyping area.
  • ICSP programming header.
  • 4 corner mounting holes.
  • Compatible with all MicroChip PIC 40 pin DIP packaged microprocessors.
  • PIC16C74B, 765, 774,
  • PIC16F74, 747, 77, 777, 871, 874A, 877A,
  • PIC18F4220, 4320, 4331, 4410, 442, 4420, 4431, 4439, 4455, 448, 452, 4510, 4515, 4520, 4525, 4539, 458, 4550, 4585, 4610, 4620, 4680 (and others).
Oscillator Options:
  • Crystal or ceramic resonator with external capacitors (DC-20MHz).
  • Ceramic resonator with internal capacitors (DC-20MHz).
  • RC oscillator.
Power Supply Options:
  • Footprints provided for either TO-92 or TO-220 voltage regulators.
  • Footprint provided for DC power receptacle.
  • Power-on LED.
User I/O Options:
  • 4 push buttons.
  • 4 LEDs.
  • Piezo buzzer.
  • RS232 driver chip and DB9F connector for serial communications.

Rapid40iXL PIC prototyping board with RS232 interface