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Electronic Assembly Services

DH MicroSystems contract electronic assembly services

        We originally started up our Electronic Production Shop due to our frustration with other contract manufacturers (CM's). It seems that either our projects were either too small (typically prototype runs) for the CM's to consider, or their NRE fees and production costs were so high it was usually cheaper to just build by hand in-house.

        If this sounds familiar to you, then we might be the production solution you have been looking for. We are a small electronics shop with over 10 years of electronic design and assembly experience. We are easy to work with and are ready to work with you whether you need a single run of 100 prototypes or 1000 production pieces each month.

        Our shop can populate and solder surface mount and through-hole PCBs, encapsulate finished assemblies, and construct custom wiring harnesses to your specifications. We can assemble your product from materials you provide, or we can provide all materials for your project including circuit boards, discrete components, wire & cable, and custom components through contacts we have with many excellent suppliers.

        A summary of our production capabilities and shop equipment is indexed below. Our staff would be happy to discuss your requirements and bid your electronic assembly job. Contact our Engineering Dept. at: engineering@dhmicro.com or by the phone numbers listed on our: Contact Us page to discuss your project requirements.

Electronic Production Capabilities:

Surface Mount PCB Assembly
Through-Hole PCB Assembly
PCB Trimming/Cleanup
Wiring Harness Production
Potting & Encapsulation
Associations With 3rd Party Professionals & Companies

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

SMT PCB assembled by DH MicroSystems, Inc.

        The most recent addition to our shop is our new SMT assembly line. This new line rounds out our capabilities allowing us to assemble through-hole, surface mount, and mixed technology circuit boards. Stencil setup and placement programing can be done quickly by our engineering staff and production of your SMT boards can begin faster than you might think.

Shop Equipment & Materials:
  • Amistar/Tenryu AR5000 pick & place machine
  • Various Amistar part feeders
  • Vitronics SMD318 reflow oven
  • Custom SMD stencil printer
  • Custom SMD stencil cleaner
  • Kester solder paste (water soluble organic flux)
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Through-Hole PCB Assembly

Through-Hole PCB assembled by DH MicroSystems, Inc.

        Our shop has the capacity to populate and solder thousands of through-hole circuit boards each month. We possess the all the required tools, equipment, and materials to prep leaded components, populate circuit boards, and solder finished boards. We stock common components in our electronic inventory, other components are ordered as required for each build.

Shop Equipment & Materials:
  • Unit Design MDS-100 solder machine
  • Kester 2331ZX water soluble flux
  • Alpha Metals HI Flo 63/37 solder
Through-Hole Lead Forming Equipment:
  • Electrovert Electroprep pneumatic lead former with a variety of forming dies
  • Terran CC-100 vibratory radial component lead cutter
  • Wesresch Automat SBA-80 axial component lead forming machine
  • Cut-bend axial component lead formers (manual) x 2
  • APS Model R-1 radial component lead cutter (manual)
  • Hepco 7400-3ACT IC lead trimmer/straightener
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Final PCB Cleanup

        After PCBs are populated and soldered, we trim excess component lead length (where appropriate) on our Microscan mass lead trimmers and wash finished boards in our Hollis board washer.

Shop Equipment:
  • Microscan LT-1821-G mass lead trimmers x 2
  • Hollis Holliclean aqueous PCB washer
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Wiring Harness Production

Wiring Harness Production

        We can produce anything from simple pig-tails to complex wiring harnesses through the use of our Eubanks wire processing machine, AMP terminal crimping presses, custom wire handling equipment, and jigs built to customer specifications. Wiring assemblies may range in length from only a few inches to many feet.

Shop Equipment:
  • Eubanks Model 2700 wire processing machine
  • A large variety of Eubanks strip blocks, cutting blades, and stripping dies
  • Eubanks Model 6215 on-demand wire pre-feeder
  • AMP Tapetronic terminal press for insulated terminals
  • AMP K-Press modified for use with interchangeable heavy-duty miniature applicators for a variety of crimped terminals
  • Custom spooling and measuring equipment for long (20ft+) wiring harnesses
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Potting & Encapsulation

        We have experience in potting your final assemblies both with filled and unfilled epoxy resins and keep supplies of E-Cast Black and CCA Clear resins from United Resin Corporation on hand. We vacuum degas our clear resins for water clear pouring and have experience in designing custom potting fixtures for your odd-shaped assemblies requiring encapsulation. Assemblies requiring large quantities of resin are mixed in bulk and poured. Jobs requiring more precision and smaller quantities of material are dispensed with our selection of Cox pneumatic applicators. Small quantity applications requiring great precision and repeatability are done with our EFD 1500XL and 900 applicators.

Shop Equipment:
  • EFD 1500XL precision microprocessor-controlled epoxy applicator
  • EFD 900 precision epoxy applicator
  • Cox PPA 150-HP pneumatic 2-part epoxy applicator
  • Cox PPA 600-A pneumatic 2-part epoxy applicator
  • Cox PPA 1500-1 pneumatic 2-part epoxy applicator
  • Michael Engineering Sticky Stuff Dispenser Model A # SS-ADJ
  • Doerr heavy-duty vacuum pump and custom vacuum chamber for degasing mixed resins
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Associations With 3rd Party Professionals & Companies

        When project requirements exceed our in-house capabilities, we have relationships with many excellent companies and individuals who can provide us with the information, components, or custom made parts required to assemble your product right. We can seamlessly integrate the talents of these 3rd parties, put you in touch with them directly, or work with your own suppliers in manufacturing your product.

Associated 3rd Parties:
  • Circuit board fabrication houses
  • Electronic component distributors
  • Cable/wire distributors
  • Injection mold designer/maker
  • Plastic injection molding shop
  • Epoxy resin distributor
  • Aluminum extrusion companies
  • Precision machine shop
  • Silkscreen and membrane keypad shops
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